Alumni On the Move

Tom Carmichael BKFA wants to congratulate Tom Carmichael (Fine Art LA) as he continues to expand his recognition and work. The American Photographic Artists selected Tom’s image for inclusion in their upcoming personal Off the Clock Exhibition which opens April[…]

Edge of Thought

Fine art photography rarely delivers objective truth. The medium easily blurs truth and fiction, which is one of its most compelling qualities. As many practitioners of fine art know, reality often stops with the press of the shutter. Edge of[…]

Many Names Have Never Been Spoken here

An Artist in Residence Exhibit at the Kelso Depot “Working with my son on the Mojave National Preserve Artist in Residence program has been fulfilling because we share the same blood and instincts,” says Poet Russell Thorburn, “and out there[…]

Alumni On the Move

Surfer Warrior, a fine art image created by Charlie Hunt (CAL U LA Fine Art), appears as cover banner for Color Story opening February 7th, see and visit . This image is from Charlie’s surfer thematic that explores a[…]

Lightroom Complete

It has been one heck of a year for Lightroom and for me as a Lightroom Instructor. The advancements in the basic panel, particularly the tonal sliders are amazing and still amaze me even though I have been using it[…]

Emerging Expressions

Three weeks ago, the fine art photography course in LA whispered to a close and a new series began at the Calumet campus in Santa Ana. LA students are now preparing for their emerging growth exhibit, which will open in[…]


In a quiet and grassless walk across a hard rock creek bottom, baggy clouds and a penetrating mist that could pass for drizzle (if it were a bit more consistent) surround me. I have my camera, not searching, but I[…]

Chemo Dreams

I posted a new exhibition, Chemo Dreams, and invite you to visit the images at This is a personal thematic, built around the crazy dreams patients often experience while on Chemotherapy. Unlike most themes, this is an eclectic group[…]