Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning for Lightroom 5 Only 1 seat left for this class! Over the years, I have been blessed to teach hundreds of students how to master Lightroom, Photoshop, Fine Art Photography, and other Adobe applications to achieve a[…]

Fine Art Photography Exhibit Review

The Los Angeles River Flows by Ding Kalis Calumet Gallery 1135 N. Highland Ave. Hollywood, CA 90038 August 5 – September 3, 2013 Artist Reception: August 8th, 2013 – 6pm America has been and continues to be an experiment that[…]

A Great Summer Read

Guerilla Marketing for Artists By Barney Davey 178 pages; paper, $22.46 Barney Davey’s latest book, Guerrilla Marketing for Artists, is without reservation a worthwhile investment, one with immediate and lasting value. In my view this is more than a[…]

A Cloud Over the Cloud

Unless you have been on a far-away Tibetan mountain for the last several months, with no contact to the world, then you know that Adobe has gone ‘all in’ for the Creative Cloud. No more boxed software; It’s cloud subscription-only.[…]

Back Up and Back Up Twice

You hear faint clicks, a few files are slow to open, and there is a long whir when you shut down and then restart. In the pit of your stomach there is an unbreathing blackness, and in the back of[…]

Merging Harmonies

Exhibit at Calumet Photographic Santa Ana If you decide to pursue Fine Art Photography as a vocation or as serious avocation, you will be committing to a permanent change in how you view life and how others eventually come to[…]

Barney Davey Speaks with Bob Killen

“A Wisdom Interview With An Art Marketing Pro” I’m facing my computer screen with an image in process, when I hear that soft ‘ding’, a musical note that alerts me about important e-mail arrivals. In the lower right hand corner,[…]