On A Quiet and Empty Beach

On a quiet and empty beach, during the soft pre-dawn, 2014 leaves like a shadow, passing sober and silent as new dreams peak across the horizon. Inspiration comes as the blue of the past fades to the warm goals of[…]


“Get It Right In Camera.”

Forget about it.   I hear it, read about it, and it is one of dumbest and misleading phrases around; “Get it right in Camera.” Usually this saying comes from ‘wanna be’ professionals, students, and camera sales types, but I[…]

Academia in Art Photography_for blog

Academia in Art Photography

If you have ever shown your work at a major portfolio review, or intend to go to one, you will find that more than 70% of your reviewers have significant academic credentials, usually a Masters in Fine Art often with[…]

What is Art Photography

What Is Art Photography?

Perspectives, Genre, and Education This fall we will begin a new art photography education program, a genre that is the fastest growing art medium the world over. Many photographers, new and seasoned, are attracted to the fine art field, but[…]

Three Dancers

“Mojave Moonlight” – Exhibit Review

Photographic prints have always served as manifestations of memory. Prints seem to know what memory sometimes fails to believe; and prints, born as digital ciphers today, connect the past to the present. It is from these times past, that we[…]