Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning for Lightroom 5

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lightroom 5Over the years, I have been blessed to teach hundreds of students how to master Lightroom, Photoshop, Fine Art Photography, and other Adobe applications to achieve a unique visual voice. By now we all know that Lightroom 5 has a number of new tools, the improved healing brush and the radial filter in particular, that advances our creative image enhancement and interpretation capabilities. Moreover, the deft use of hue in the HSL panel can help us modify colors without affecting full global changes. I’ve found that these advancements, as well as some dramatic changes in Photoshop CC, are an opportunity to step up our hands-on learning system.

Welcome to Project Based Learning, the ultimate in hands-on training for Lightroom 5. At the Orange County Center for Photography and Digital Arts, I believe we are leading the way, because we are teaching students to master a workflow that frees them to think, feel, and create in a unique visual voice— their own.

How does it work?

Students initiate a project before coming to class by capturing 15 images (preferably in RAW) on any subject that interests them. They bring the CF card to class and before we begin, each student describes how they captured their images, what their expectations are for the images and why the subject interests them. The Lightroom for Photographers class emphasizes the individual student’s goals of achieving a creative purpose.

Students open their images in their catalog via Import and learn to see their images in Library as a holistic project. Mastering the tools, of course, takes place, but it takes place in the context of the students work and needs.  The small size of the classes allows us to focus on individual issues, be it portrait-retouching, landscape as environmental voice, family captures, a wedding series, product captures, and many others.

Project based learning is rigorous, rewarding, and student subject retention is excellent. More importantly, the creativity flows and new, exciting visual voices emerge.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be a leader with this training format— very excited— and I’m sure our students will be too.

Crazy Stupid Light

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SONY DSC It may sound like a crazy stupid name for a skills workshop, but it is dead bang accurate. When it comes to portable off camera flash, even seasoned professionals often produce boring images. Yep, we usually get a good exposure, the shadows are so-so, but the result just does not convey what we feel. For many, they think one needs thousands of dollars of strobes or continuous lights, when with a bit of training you can get big results by going small— small flashes that is.

For my subscribers we have 3 discount seats left. Simply put in the discount code “crazy” at check out and you can get a $99.00 seat for $49.00.

The Los Angeles River Flows

Support your fellow artists

Vaquero Under the Bridge #1 B & W Master_WEBAs reviewed in last week’s edition of the blog, Ding Kalis’ new exhibit opens this week. Please support a fellow artist and join us for the reception on Thursday, August 8th at 6:00pm.

Be sure and congratulate Ding because his theme is resonating with a wide audience. Today the Communications Director for LA, City Councilman Cedillo, asked to exhibit Ding’s work with a City Hall opening at the offices of the Councilman. Of course, he agreed, and they are working on a second presentation at the City Hall Gallery. It is gratifying to see an artist employ the marketing concepts taught in the Fine Art Photography series.

Well done Ding, on all levels.

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