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Just Quit- Mineola Road © Bob Killen
Just Quit- Mineola Road © Bob Killen

You have something that you want to say with your photography. You want to move beyond the image in front of you to the soul of the image within you. You know that there is something more, a deeper meaning to your images, and an opportunity to change the perception and views of your audience with the pictures you capture, but how?

You know why some images astound you with their emotional range, and you want to bring your work to that level, but how?

You dream of recognition, would like to your work hang in a respected fine art gallery, but how do you get to that level of appreciation. You would like to develop an audience of collectors and owners, but where do they find you, or do you find them?

You know that there are opportunities to earn art commissions by creating thematic work, but how do you master the skills that will create masterwork.

The Fine Art Photography Career Development Course (FAC) (insert link) brings answers to these questions, inspiration to complete your dreams, and rigorous instruction and project leadership that will help you develop gallery grade skills and a visual voice that matters.

Unlike photojournalism and commercial photography, Fine Art Photography is thematic and explores social issues, graphic dislocation, subliminal thought, duality, reality, surrealism, impressionism, environmental landscape, and is a genre that is often a Vision beyond Record. Fine Art drives new perspectives; it is a space where provocation and peace collide and the tension between hue and contrast often vibrate. Fine Art can be delicate, nuanced, and shift a viewer’s worldview ever so slightly or it can be bold and ‘rock and roll’ your audience with great passion.

In this course, students learn that fine art photography is not a mystery that requires great native talent. In fact, fine art photography is an intimate, human activity, filled with all the dangers, recognition, remuneration, success, and failure that accompanies any creative effort.

Taught by Bob Killen, an award winning fine art photographer, a National Park Service Artists in Residence, and nationally acclaimed Fine Art photography and Adobe instructor, FAC is your opportunity to develop a theme and a path forward for your creative work. It is a rigorous course that begins with a portfolio review and ends with a gallery exhibit. In between, students study on campus with five visual development modules (including art audience development) and extensive thematic shooting assignments between each module.  The coursework requires x days on campus (insert link to schedule) and 13 weeks to complete.

The classes are small, typically three to six, so that students can learn in a mentoring, hands-on environment. Many past students have jump-started their full and part time careers with this program and today are actively selling their art and developing supportive audiences.

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