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Many photographers in my Fine Art workshops often ask about incorporating Lightroom into the workflow for the heavy lifting that we do in Adobe Camera Raw. I heartedly endorse Lightroom3 for this part of the Fine Art workflow, and for other high volume workflows, as well. The primary advantage to Lightroom is the ability to quickly sort and catalog the images, and most of us enjoy the ease of creating various file outputs.  I am big fan of the print engine, and I have begun to print from this source in my studio for many projects.

So how do you get up to speed on Lightroom3? The shortest distance between “I know nothing” and “Wow, would you look at that,” is to purchase Lightroom3 by Nolan Hester.  You can follow this book on its blog, too.

Nolan’s credits include instructional books for all of the previous Lightroom releases, and the author is a professional photographer with hands-on experience in the wet and computer darkroom.   His instructional style is crisp and clear. The text is well-illustrated, and it is fun read without the usual “happy talk.” One gets the feeling that the author is looking over your shoulder as he guides you, step by step, from RAW to finished image.

Nolan Hester

Whether you know Lightroom from previous releases (or think you do), or Lightroom3 is your starting point, you will find this book fills two important instructional goals. First, this is a great primer. Second, it’s a great reference for those processes that we sometimes forget.  My copy is within arm’s reach of my tablet.

If you want to become productive within a matter of hours, then Hester’s book is the place to start and the place to finish.

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